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Could Bartolo Colón Help A Team Win The World Series?

Bartolo Colón

Could Bartolo Colón Help A Team Win The World Series? | Could Bartolo Colón Help A Team Win The World Series?

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On Saturday night, 48-year-old Bartolo tossed a complete game in the Mexican Baseball League, needing only 90 pitchers, 70 of which were strikes, to help Acereros de Monclova notch a 6-2 win. Colón’s 90 pitches produced a two-run, five hit outing where it only walked one and struck out five. Colón planned to pitch last year in the Mexican independent league he’s working in now, but the pandemic took 2020 away from him, and with it another year to fulfill his goal of throwing at least 46 more MLB innings, giving him more than any Dominican player in history. 

The irony of Bartolo Colón potentially returning to Major League Baseball cannot be escaped. As the game looks to suspend pitchers who need foreign substances to get hitter out, Colón has been using the same two-seam fastball on both sides of the border for over a decade … and while MLB wants to see less strikeouts and walks, and more balls in play, it would be a pitcher like Colón who could give the sport exactly what they need, a two and a half hour game that fans would find entertaining from beginning to end. 

I would be willing to bet you that Bartolo Colón would be able to join a Major League roster next week and get hitters out with his junk ball style and become a contributing member of a successful team who could make a postseason run.

Major League Baseball NEEDS Bartolo Colón and he wants back in for one more shot at glory, a little piece of history and maybe some mutual success. I am begging a team like Tampa Bay, the Mets, or any other contender looking to bolster their pitching staff to bring back “Big Sexy,” because if anything is going to bring the fans back to the ballpark, Bartolo Colón will. 

Bartolo Colón will help a team win in a way that will be easy to root for and even easier to watch, something Major League Baseball needs in the worse way. 

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Could Bartolo Colón Help A Team Win The World Series? |

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