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IPL 2024: Ishan Kishan reveals why he didn’t play Ranji Trophy despite warnings from BCCI


IPL 2024: Ishan Kishan reveals why he didn’t play Ranji Trophy despite warnings from BCCI
Ishan Kishan has revealed that the personal break during the South Africa tour. Photo: X

Xtra Time Web Desk: Ishan Kishan has been through some challenges regarding his absence from the Ranji Trophy and the subsequent loss of his BCCI central contract. It’s commendable that he’s addressing these issues openly and taking responsibility for his decisions, while also highlighting the complexities that players face in managing their careers.

His performance in the IPL 2024 season, especially in contributing to Mumbai Indians’ victories after their initial losses, shows his determination and skill on the field. It’s great to see him making a strong comeback and proving his worth in the team.

Acknowledging external factors influencing decisions is crucial, as players often have to balance various commitments and considerations. Hopefully, this experience will serve as a learning opportunity for Ishan Kishan and other players facing similar challenges in the future.

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“I was practicing. When I took time off from the game, people were talking a lot. Many things came on social media. But you should also realize that many things are not in the hands of the players,” Kishan said.

Ishan Kishan’s performance was indeed remarkable, contributing significantly to Mumbai Indians’ victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore. His aggressive batting, especially against Mohammed Siraj, showcased his ability to seize momentum and make an impact on the game. Scoring 69 runs off just 34 balls is no small feat, and his seven fours and five sixes played a crucial role in setting up the comfortable victory for his team.

Kishan’s reflections on time management and maintaining a positive mindset are insightful. In the fast-paced world of cricket, where every ball counts, efficient time management can make a significant difference in a player’s performance. Additionally, fostering a positive mindset helps players stay focused and resilient, especially during challenging moments in the game.

His emphasis on patience and strategic thinking highlights the importance of not just playing aggressively but also smartly assessing the situation and adapting one’s gameplay accordingly. These qualities are essential for any successful cricketer, and Kishan’s performance exemplifies how they can lead to success on the field.

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“The only thing you can do is utilize the time properly. Also, the mindset to think about the previous Ishan Kishan, I would never leave a delivery in the first two overs even if they are bowling well. With time I have learned that even 20 overs is a big game, you can take your time and you can go ahead.

Even though we have lost matches, we want to work together as a team. Changes have come like even if I am not performing and if I know someone else is not performing, I talk to them. I want to know what they are thinking. So these are things which helped me in the break,” Kishan further added.

Kishan leads the Mumbai Indians with 161 runs across five matches, including a half-century. The wicketkeeper-batter aims to maintain his batting form in the upcoming matches, positioning him as a potential candidate for India’s squad in the T20 World Cup 2024.

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